A Swim Buddy makes you more visible to boaters, jet skis, kite boarders, sail boarders, kayakers and waterskiers while you are swimming in the open water, lessening your chance of being accidentally run over by any of these watercraft. Knowing that you will be seen also allows you to relax more, concentrate more on your swimming, and increase your enjoyment of open water swimming.

Personal swim float

Attach strap by pulling the orange belt through the red handle, then pull one end of the belt through the ring of the other end and tighten.

Swim Buddy

Put the belt through the other end to connect with the ring

Swim Buddy personal swim float

Pop off each valve cap and inflate both air bags to 50% capacity. Replace caps.

Swim Buddy

Check there are no leaks in either air bag. Do not use if a leak is suspected.

Open Water Swim float

Attach the belt to your waist and adjust the tightness. Make sure the belt clip is in the front and connects securely with a “click”. The belt should be loose enough to ride just above the hips.

Swim Buddy for open water swim

When the waist belt is secured, the Swim Buddy should be rotated to the back, so it dangles just over the backs of your knees or lower thighs. In this position, it will not interfere with the finish of your arm stroke or your kick.

swim buddy

When swimming, there is virtually no drag created by towing the Swim Buddy, since the bow wave created in front of you as you swim creates an eddy of current that actually pushes the Swim Buddy forward. Your swim times will not be affected.

open water swimming float

To deflate, pop off both caps and slightly push in the middle pin for each air bag. Store in a cool, dry area away from sharp objects.