Physiological Considerations in Open Water Swimming (Part 1)

A simple definition of Physiological: “the organic processes and phenomena of an organism or any of its parts or of a particular bodily process”. With the growth and immense popularity of open water swimming and triathlon in the last 15 years, a disturbing trend has come to light which is the disproportionate number of deaths […]

The Importance of Open Water Swim Equipment

Open water swimmers transitioning from the pool will have some new equipment variables: primarily this is about a wetsuit, but even goggles and a swim cap have to be reconsidered. Wetsuit Since most swimming in open water is colder than the average pool, a wetsuit becomes necessary for insulation, especially for longer swims, since the […]

open water swimming anxiety

Things That Make You Anxious in Open Water – Part 2

Last week, we explored some of the factors that increase anxiety when swimming in open water, such as the decreased feeling of safety, the uncertainty of the bottom, the expansiveness of open water environments, and the risk of body contact in open water swim events. This week’s post will cover several more sources of anxiety. […]