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The Importance of Open Water Swim Equipment

Open water swimmers transitioning from the pool will have some new equipment variables: primarily this is about a wetsuit, but even goggles and a swim cap have to be reconsidered. Wetsuit Since most swimming in open water is colder than the average pool, a wetsuit becomes necessary for insulation, especially for longer swims, since the […]

Things That Make You Anxious in Open Water – Part 2

Last week, we explored some of the factors that increase anxiety when swimming in open water, such as the decreased feeling of safety, the uncertainty of the bottom, the expansiveness of open water environments, and the risk of body contact in open water swim events. This week’s post will cover several more sources of anxiety. […]

Things That Make You Anxious in Open Water – Part 1

Uncertainty generates anxiety. The more uncertainties you have about something, the more overwhelmed you can become. Being anxious while swimming in open water may seem to be primarily the result of worrying about one thing, but just as often it can be a function of several uncertainties added together to make a very uncomfortable feeling. […]

The Wild Open Water Environment: Waves and Wind

One of the first things that pool swimmers discover when transitioning to open water swimming is a difference in the water surface – it is rarely as smooth as a pool. Whether a surface ripple, a light chop, variable swells, a tide, a visible current, or true waves with whitecaps, these new variables will challenge […]

Breathing Cadence & Recovering Your Breathing

In the last post, we considered the importance of complete expirations in the water and a normal breathing rhythm while swimming freestyle, to avoid the build-up of carbon dioxide (which drives the urge to breathe), shortness of breath, anxiety, and even panic when not done adequately. In this discussion, we consider the importance of rate of […]

It’s All About Breathing

It is now early June, and the lake temperature (incredibly) at Gyro Beach here in Kelowna this morning was a balmy 18°C today. It is warm enough to enjoy swimming in the lake–already we have fishermen, paddlers, sailors, waterskiers, power-boaters, windsurfers and swimmers vying for their piece of the water (it’s important to be seen using […]